Below are common questions.  If you can’t find an answer here, then please submit your question at the bottom of the page, or give us a call toll-free at 833-MEPORCH (833-637-6724). We are always here to help and promise a prompt reply.


Why wouldn’t I have a local contractor build it for me?

  • Since screen porches and pergolas are our specialty, it’s unlikely that a local contractor/ builder can beat our prices (assuming the same materials are used).
  • In some parts of New England the wait for a highly rated local contractor/ builder can be many months, and they may not be willing to take on a smaller project.

What’s the difference between 3-season porches and 4-season rooms?

  • The latter are considered permanent additional living space and almost always require construction methods that compromise the open outdoor feeling, add considerable cost, and possibly a higher tax assessment. A 3-season porch can provide nearly the same livability, but remain low cost and simple enough for do-it-yourself homeowners.

Can I purchase a screen porch without interchangeable glass panels?

  • Yes. If you want glass panels later, they may be purchased from us, or from a local glass shop.  Just make sure you purchase tempered glass that meets Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCF) requirements.

Materials and Finishes

What are my materials options?

  • For screen porches we offer a combination of treated KDAT Pine (base, wall panels, posts), Spruce-Pine (ledgers, roof rafters), and finish grade plywood (ceiling). Doors are made from Mahogany. Unless requested otherwise, all components are primed and ready to paint.
  • For Pergolas we offer a choice of rustic rough Eastern Hemlock or smooth-surface treated KDAT Pine which is primed and ready to paint.
  • If your are interested in different wood materials (e.g., White Cedar, Red Cedar or Redwood), please give us a call and we discuss options.

What are my finish options?

  • Unless requested otherwise, all our screen porch kits are primed and ready to paint. You can use any high quality outdoor latex paint.
  • Our rustic rough Eastern Hemlock pergola kits are bare wood not intended for painting. Eastern Hemlock will weather to a cool gray color over time.
  • All our smooth Pine pergola kits are primed and ready to paint. You can use any high quality outdoor latex paint.

What are my screen and glass options?

  • For safety and building code reasons, we use only tempered glass that meets Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCF) requirements.
  • Screen panels are made from a fine fiberglass mesh.
  • Interchangeable screen and glass panels are framed in white aluminum.

Do-It-Yourself Assembly

Will I need a helper?

  • All our kits can be assembled and installed by one person (but is always nice to have a helper for support and safety reasons).

What tools will I need?

For screen porches:

  • Construction level
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer
  • Caulking gun
  • Wood drill bits
  • Screwdriver drill bits
  • Drill

For pergolas:

  • Construction level
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Wood drill bits
  • Screwdriver drill bits
  • Hex socket wrench
  • Cross cut wood hand saw
  • Post hole digger (buried posts or sonotubes)
  • Shovel (buried posts or sonotubes)
  • Rake (buried posts or sonotubes)
  • Concrete mixing bucket or trough (sonotube or concrete pad foundations)
  • Masonry drill bits (sonotube or concrete pad foundations)

What do I do if I encounter problems?

  • If you run into problems or have questions you can call our Installation Support team at 833-MEPORCH (833-637-6724). We are here to help!
  • Click here if you need Installation Support now

Do you provide installation videos?

  • Yes, we provide step-by-step assembly and installation videos for all our kits
  • We also provide printable instructions which you can take to the project site.

Installation Services

What is the cost?

  • Cost will vary depending on your location, the size of your kit, and whether we are doing a foundation for you. A ballpark rule of thumb is one third of the cost of the kit (without the foundation).

How do I schedule?

  • Call us and we will schedule a time that’s convenient for you – including weekends.

Will you paint my structure?

  • All our paintable kits come primed and ready to paint. You can apply the finish paint coat yourself or for an additional fee our technician can apply it for you.

What will be expected of me?

  • Contact your local authority to determine if a building permit is required and obtain one if necessary.
  • Foundation must be built and ready (unless we are building the foundation for you)
  • Ensure adequate clearance around the installation area
  • Ensure no buried utilities, wires, pipes, sprinklers, etc. will interfere with installation.
  • An adult homeowner MUST be at the job site upon our arrival and at completion of the installation.
  • More details are provided here for screen porches or here for pergolas.

Are there geographic limitations?

  • While we provide FREE delivery anywhere in New England, our assembly services are offered in Central and Coastal Maine only. In other states, we can help you find a local contractor to do the installation.

Free Design Consult

Is it really free?

  • Yes!

How do I get started?

  • Contact Us to get things started.  Let us know when is a convenient time for us to contact you.
  • We will call you to learn about your site and exactly what it is you are looking for. We will explain basic design options and answer your questions.

What will I need to do?

  • We’ll ask you to email or text us some pictures and rough measurements of your site. We’ll help you if you are unsure how to do this.

What will you do for me?

  • Our design team will review your site pictures and the information you gave us and will create one or more recommendations, together with pricing, that meet your goals. We’ll present these to you and answer any questions you may have.
  • We do not try to “sell” you anything.

Do you provide 3-D computer drawings?

  • Optionally, we can create a 3-D model of your customized design to help you visualize your project with a background of your home and yard. You will be able to easily access and view this model on-line.
  • The cost of this 3-D computer model is $95 which will be credited against your kit or project.
  • You will also be able to download a “SketchUp” file which you can customize further on your PC or Mac like an interactive blue-print. The popular and easy to use SketchUp software is free for personal use..

Ordering a Kit

What is the process of ordering a kit?

  • Start with a free design consultation.
  • We’ll help you to select size and choose options.
  • Optionally, we can create a 3-D model of your customized design to help you visualize exactly what you are buying.
  • When you are ready, we will generate a purchase order for your signature.

When is payment expected?

  • For kits – 50% is due at the time of order submission and 50% is due upon delivery.
  • For installation services – due upon completion.

What are my payment options?

  • Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, check, bank transfer

Is delivery really FREE?

  • Delivery is FREE anywhere in New England, provided it is on one of our scheduled delivery runs.
  • Delivery runs are made the first full week of each month.

How are kits shipped?

  • Kits are delivered directly by us and delivery is FREE anywhere in New England.
  • Delivery runs are made the first full week of each month.

Site Requirements

What are site requirements for a pergola?

  • Level area
  • No underground utilities (if burying posts)
  • No overhead obstructions
  • More information …

What are site requirements for a screen porch?

Will I need a building permit?


How long is my product covered?

  • 10 years from the time of delivery for kits.
  • 10 years from completion if we provide installation services.

What is covered?

  • During the warranty period, we will repair or replace, at our option, any product part, or repair or correct any installation service, that proves defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. Such replacements, repairs and correction will be at no charge to you.  See full warranty terms here.

How do I initiate warranty service?

  • Call us and we will address any warranty issues quickly and professionally.

Don’t see an answer to your questions here?  Contact us and we’ll assist you.