Outdoor Enclosures

Do-It-Yourself or We'll install it for you

enclose your existing porch, pergola or patio

Have an existing porch or pergola and want enclose it? We offer innovative and stylish solutions for every budget. Start your outdoor living earlier in the Spring and extend it into late Fall. … but without Summer bugs or wet patio furniture. Do-it-yourself or let us install it for you.

Do-It-Yourself Kits or
We'll Install for it You

Save money and have fun with a do-it-yourself kit. Step-by-step videos and printable assembly instructions. If you need help, we’ll provide support by telephone or video call. For homeowners who don’t have the time, let us install the enclosure for you, or we can assist your favorite contractor … more about installation options.

Looking for
Something Unique?

Not satisfied with our standard designs and options? Or want to tweak something? Then let us design and build something unique for you. Send us pictures of your site. We’ll work with you on a design.  Then we’ll manufacture, deliver, and install it for you … request for a FREE design consultation to get things started.