About us

A combination of quality material and fine detail has long characterized Maine craftsmanship. A tradition of excellence passed down for generations, “Maine Made” is recognized worldwide as a term for quality and integrity. These are the ideals that Maine Porch & Pergola Company is founded upon.

who we are

Mark Jadkowski has been building outdoor structures for 20+ years. Wife and business partner Carla Palmer is a highly respected Interior Designer.

our mission

To make adding a 3-season porch or pergola to your property as worry free, fast, easy and affordable as possible.

What we do

Manufacture high-quality porch and pergola kits for do-it-your-selfers. Provide custom design-build services for homeowners seeking something unique.

It started 20 years ago when we built a simple pergola to define a concrete patio. A few years later we covered it to keep our furniture dry. Then we added screening to keep Summer bugs out. A few years later it was glass panels so we could enjoy Spring and Autumn. Then we spent years correcting mistakes and fine tuning our design. All along this journey we kept thinking how wonderful it would have been if we could have started with a proven do-it-yourself kit. It would have saved a lot of time money. This and having dozens of family and friends tell us how they wished they had a porch or pergola just like ours is why we started Maine Porch & Pergola Company.
Mark Jadkowski & Carla Palmer
Husband & Wife Co-Owners

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